4 days


Group Size

Maximum 12 learners


Who should attend

This is for learners who is required to operate chainsaws, outside of forestry and arboriculture, for cross-cutting and felling small trees up to 200mm.





Course aims

The course aims to ensure learners are aware how to use and maintain a chainsaw and the correct procedure to felling small trees with a width up to 200mm.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course the learners will know:

  • Workshop safety awareness
  • Guide bar, saw chain and power unit maintenance
  • Re-assembly
  • Health and safety features
  • Lubrication and fuelling
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Starting and pre-cutting checks
  • Site safety awareness
  • Risk assessment process
  • Cross-cutting and stacking timber
  • Preparation
  • Felling
  • De-limbing
  • Takedown of hung up trees

Course Outline:

  • Outline PUWER, testing, maintenance, and suitability of equipment
  • PPE, respiratory protective requirements
  • Implications of vibration, noise etc
  • Outline electrical safety issues
  • Explain wheel markings, wheel types etc
  • Safe mounting of wheels
  • Safe use of disc cutter/grinder
  • Practical demonstration and use

Certification: Upon successful completion of the end of course assessment the learners will receive a certificate of attendance supplied by the training provider.

NB: Candidates must supply their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gear and chainsaw.