The Power of Feedback: Enhancing Business through Customer Insights

Customer reviews can play a crucial role in the success of any business. They provide valuable feedback and insights from customers, and can assist businesses with information on what they are doing particularly well, or alternatively in identifying areas of improvement, to enhance their products and services. Additionally, reviews give prospective customers an insight into the reputation and quality of a business, potentially influencing their decision-making process.

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Traffic Management Apprenticeships

As the newly introduced official TM apprenticeship begins to pick up some traction, already some myths surrounding the scheme are beginning to emerge, the following is designed to dispel any myths and hopefully provide as much transparency as possible in relation to the mechanics of the scheme and the options available to TM contractors through the UK, that we are currently aware of.

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NHSS12 Practical Auditor Course

Awareness, understanding and keeping up to date with industry standards, best practices and legislation is crucial for Auditors. To support this need, we are proud to introduce our brand new NHSS12 Practical Site Auditor training course. 

Developed in-house by our team of experienced professionals and certificated by Lantra Awards, this course aims to equip Auditors with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their role. It is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of auditing principles, techniques, and methodologies and how to effectively reference, relate and record observations. 

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Understanding the NHSS12 Qualification Post Expiry Grace Renewal Period

The National Highways Sector Scheme 12 (NHSS12) is a certification scheme that sets out the quality assurance expectations which includes the requirements for the training and certification of personnel involved in temporary traffic management works on the majority of the UK highway network. This scheme not only includes the route(s) to achieving the qualification(s), but also details the parameters for maintaining those of workers in this field, which in some instances offer a grace period for renewing a qualification, post expiry date. 

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NHSS12 Moves to electronic eCards

Did you know?

As of April 1st 2023, all National Highway Sector Scheme qualifications moved to a fully electronic system – and the production of the familiar plastic Sector Scheme 12 ‘ticket’ has ceased.

All NEW learners to the industry will now be issue with an eCard, which will need to be stored on a smart device and available to be shown on demand whilst at work.

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Welcome to Matt Tew – Highway Electrical Manager

Up To Speed Training and Assessment Ltd is proud to announce the recruitment of Matt Tew as Highway Electrical Manager. Matt has worked in the highway electrical sector for over 12 years, starting as a slot cutter, completing civils works and installation works of highway electrical schemes before taking over the responsibilities of Health & Safety Manager for a significant number of years before joining Up To Speed Training.

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Lantra Deadline Day

At the end of 2021 Lantra announced their intent to begin a phase out of all of the ‘old style’ paper logbooks used for recording assessment activities completed as they begin the transition over to the online e-Portfolio system for all National Highways Sector scheme 12 training/assessment providers.

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