General Frequently Asked Questions

I am looking at getting into traffic management what do I need to do?

If you are looking to start a career in the traffic management industry the first course, you need to complete is the NHSS (National Highways Sector Scheme) 12 TTMBC (Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course).

Is there a test to do when completing a course?

All courses are concluded by completing a test, either multiple choice or if a supervisor qualification, then a combination of multiple choice and written answers may be required.

Once I have completed the course can you get me a job?

We do not provide work in the industry and do not provide references for any potential employer. We can give you some details of potential employers and some clients advertise work opportunities on the notice boards in our centre in Birmingham.

How much does the course registration cost?

Registration process vary depending on qualifications or the learner’s history and what they currently hold. Details of the registrations are included on the relevant course information page on our website.

NHSS12 TTMBC Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start work in traffic management as soon as I have completed the NHSS12 TTMBC course?

Yes, once the course results have been confirmed. If it is an online course, see the question relating to online course results.

How long does the NHSS12 TTMBC qualification last?

The NHSS12 TTMBC Course is valid for 6 months from the date of successful completion.

Is there a grace period to renew the NHSS12 TTMBC if it expires?

There is no grace period to renew the NHSS12 TTMBC once expired. Unlike other qualifications that have a 6-month grace period in which the qualification is suspended until the relevant training course is completed.

What is the next course to complete after the NHSS12 TTMBC?

The industry offers multiple different career paths that people can choose, or employers choose for their employees, all of these are explained as part of the NHSS12 TTMBC course.

How long do I have to wait for the results of an NHSS12A TSCO/TSS Course, NHSS12A TM Foreman or NHSS12B LTMO Course?

These type of course are not marked by the training provider but are sent to the awarding organisation for marking, because of this there is a delay in obtaining the confirmation of the test results. It will normally be between 2-4 weeks after completion of the course however as soon as we receive the results all learners or employers (the person booking the course) are notified of the result by email.

Course Information Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to complete the NHSS assessment process?

For all assessment modules there is a 2-year maximum time period from starting the assessments to completion, any assessment that become older than 2 years old then become voided and will not be included in ascertaining competency of any learner.

If I complete a course ‘Online’ how long do I have to wait for my results?

For all the necessary quality checks to be completed by the Awarding Organisation there is a delay normally of 5 working days before results can be confirmed unlike the classroom courses where results are confirmed immediately upon completion of the test.

Can I get a copy of proof of training for someone else?

Due to GDPR and Data Protection Regulations we are only able to provide evidence of training to the learner directly or the employer paying for the course. We can not provide any evidence to anyone else.

Do we sell PPE?

No, we do not sell PPE, all employers will provide the necessary PPE relevant to the work being completed.