One day

Group Size

Maximum 10 learners

Who should attend

Suitable for those intending to assess the standard of Temporary Traffic Management Operations and Installations against the applicable U.K. standards.

Course aims

The course aims to give learners an overview of the audit process that may be used in auditing Temporary Traffic Management schemes to ensure compliance throughout the duration of the scheme in accordance with the relavant indsutry standards.

Course Objectives:

On completion of the course the learner should display and understanding of:

  • National Highways Sector Scheme 12 Components
  • Sector Scheme 12 Requirements
  • Understanding the Temporary Traffic Management Process
  • An introduction to Key Reference Documents and how these apply
  • Auditing each stage of the Temporary Traffic Management process
  • The Reporting and Validation of Audit Observations
  • Recording Audit Results

Certification: Upon completion of the course learners will be expected to complete an audit of a ‘live’ Temporary Traffic Management scheme, report and record the results in a suitable format and submit for verification and approval within 2 weeks of completion of the training course.

Successful learners will be awarded a Lantra certiticate in Practical Site Auditing via the customised provision approval route.