If HERS registered – 2 Years from Induction date to completion.

If new to industry / Trainee – 3 years from Induction to completion

Group Size

1 – 3 Learners – 1 day (At UTS)

4 – 8 Learners – 2 days

Who should attend

Any person new to the industry or anyone who holds or has held a HERS card whether in date or expired. Following the NVQ induction, you will be able to obtain a new HERS card as you will be working towards your NVQ.



Course aims

To provide learners with the understanding of the NVQ criteria, the Mandatory Units and select Additional units to support their role and achieve competency.

To complete their portfolio and move onto site assessments and become a competent member in their role within their team.

Course Objectives:

On completion of their qualification the delegates will:

  • Be aware of the codes of practice and associated documentation to support their role available to them.
  • Be aware of the relevant Sector Schemes.
  • Understand and follow their company’s instructions & documentation.
  • Understand the QA process and NHSS documents.
  • Be aware of which roads / works are covered by which NHSS Document
  • Be aware of the different classifications of “road users” i.e Pedestrians, Cyclists, Horse riders etc
  • Understand different terminology used in the Sector 8 industry.
  • Understand the process required to become a qualified operative and obtain a HERS card, plus ongoing training and development to a higher level.
  • Be aware of Health & Safety requirements including risk assessments and method statements.
  • Understand the variety of equipment and basic principles to complete their work safely.
  • Understand what constitutes a safety zone and the importance of not encroaching.
  • Be aware of general PPE requirements and classification requirements.
  • Understand the environment where the learners are expected to work.
  • Be aware of safe access & egress to the site.
  • Be aware of the need to maintain sites and what can be involved.
  • Understand the types of accidents and emergencies that may happen on their site.
  • Understand how to react and assist with accidents and emergencies on site, how to report and record relevant information.
  • Understand how to work within a team and the importance of working relationships.


On completion, all learners will have completed a portfolio and a minimum of two site assessments assessing their role and tasks by video. The centres IQA will review all evidence and on successful completion, Lantra Awards will be notified, and certification claimed for.