1 day/night per assessment


Group Size

Maximum 4 learners


Who should attend

Anyone who has completed the NHSS 12c Operative training course and is looking to obtain full operative status (assessments must be completed within a two-year period starting from the date of the first assessment)



Learners must hold a valid NHSS 12c Operative training certificate, and has gained some practical experience of installing, maintaining and removing static traffic control methods in a ‘live’ environment.


Course aims

Demonstrate an understanding of the processes and procedures required to safely install, maintain and remove traffic management schemes on motorways and high speed dual carriageway roads, concluding in attaining full TMO status.

Course Objectives:

  • Minimum of 3 x successful assessments required (on each road type), as a minimum covering all the pre-determined performance criteria as detailed in the relevant Lantra Awards logbook.

All assessments MUST be completed in a ‘live’ site environment in accordance with the requirements of the relevant sector scheme document.

Certification: On completion, all learners will be issued with a skills registration card by Lantra Awards which will be valid for 5 years.

NB: There must be a minimum of 2 weeks between assessment.

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