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How do you choose your training provider?

With more & more training providers out there, how do you ensure you choose the correct one? Can you ensure your chosen provider is solely dedicated to providing quality training and there is no potential risk of any conflicts of interest?

Our MD Adrian Pulham shares some important factors that can help you make an informed decision:

“Accreditations – Training providers must go through a rigorous process to gain the necessary awarding organisation accreditations but some go above and beyond for accreditations that are not necessarily required to deliver, such as ISO 9001:2015. Check any provider for indicators of known quality.

“Trainers/Quality of delivery – Often overlooked, how the course is delivered to you can have a considerable impact on how much you learn. You should leave a course feeling like you gained the knowledge that you needed from it and be in a position to implement what you have learned.

“Admin team – Do they keep accurate and concise records of training they have delivered? Do they have a dedicated team for this? This demonstrates that they acknowledge the importance of this aspect within the whole qualification process, and as such have invested accordingly to ensure that you as the client can have the peace of mind to know that the administering of events is done promptly and accurately.

“Reputation – A good training provider will be established. They will have a solid track record, a sound reputation within the industry and good credentials. A key tool to checking this is to find out whether they have a platform for sharing their feedback from other clients/customers (i.e. Google Reviews, Coursecheck etc). If so, check that they have not only positive reviews, but a substantial amount over a sustained period, as this will show that they are genuine and consistent.

“Longevity and premises – Are they an established company that has been trading for a reasonable period? Do they have premises that create a comfortable learning environment to enhance the whole experience for the learner?

“Price – Price is undoubtedly important, and of course something to consider and explore, but we’ve purposely left it until last on the list because quality, service and value are far more important in the long term.

“Always do your research! Your choice of training provider should be one who meets an array of criteria such as those above. If they do, this should be a good indicator that they are professional, reliable and will ultimately deliver the product and service to support you with the required training solutions both now and in the future.”

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