Up To Speed

Lantra Deadline Day

At the end of 2021 Lantra announced their intent to begin a phase out of all of the ‘old style’ paper logbooks used for recording assessment activities completed as they begin the transition over to the online e-Portfolio system for all National Highways Sector scheme 12 training/assessment providers.

Up To Speed Training were instrumental in assisting Lantra with the trials and implementation of the online e-Portfolio system back in September 2019 and took the decision to transition fully to online e-Portfolios at that point in time, primarily to assist in reducing theirenvironmental impact but also to be able to offer their clients the most streamlined and efficient service they could, now all providers must make the transition as the deadline for Lantra accepting the ‘old style’ logbooks is only a week away.

As of 29th July 2022 all logbooks will be superseded by the e-portfolio system.

The use of the e-Portfolio system across all providers throughout the UK will in the main have no obvious noticeable impact for the end users however it will ensure that the process of changing training provider where or if required is now simplified, eliminating delays incurred through packaging and posting ‘old style’ logbooks.

Anyone who has already started the assessment process and their outcomes are being recorded in the ‘old style’ logbooks do not need to be concerned as Lantra will be allowing all training/assessment providers to convert the evidence onto the e-portfolio system at no additional cost, ensuring no-one is left in limbo between the old and new systems. Please note that any assessment is only valid for 2 years so any completed more than 2 years prior will become invalid and will need repeating.

If you require any additioanl informationn please do not hesitate to contact us.