One day

Group Size

Maximum of 4 learners (2 learners per ATV Quad Bike)

Who should attend

All persons who are required to operate a ATV quad bike

Course aims

The course aims to ensure learners are aware how to safely operate and how to perform routine maintenance to ATV Quad Bike

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the course the learner will have covered the following:

  • Use of Operators Handbook
  • Controls
  • Preparation for driving (protective gear, helmets, eye protection and clothing)
  • Pre-ride inspection (tyres, wheels and controls)
  • Lights and switches
  • Oil and fuel (chain, driveshaft and chassis)
  • General points
  • Periodic maintenance
  • Studying the Terrain
  • Knowing the land (climbing and descending a hill traversing on a slope)
  • What your machine is capable of

Course Outline:

  • Getting started
  • Moving off
  • Running through the gears (type of transmission and gear selection)
  • Turning at low and higher speed
  • Reversing and riding through water
  • Awareness of permitted loads and use with implements
  • Safe riding practices (body position, correct methods, approaching obstacles)
  • Speeds relative to ground
  • Special notes
  • Breaking (ground conditions and weather conditions)
  • Safe parking
  • Safe stopping
  • HSWA ‘74 and PUWER ‘92

Certification: Upon successful completion of the end of course assessment the learners will receive a certificate of attendance supplied by the training provider

NB: Learners must supply their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for this course