30 minutes (per test)

Group Size

Maximum of 8 Learners

Who should attend

All persons needing to refresh their Traffic Management qualification(s) as described in sector scheme document 12D (These are available as a classroom test and/or as an online test. Online tests MUST be booked before 1:00pm the day 48 hours prior to the test, excluding Sunday. Sunday tests MUST be booked by 1:00pm on the Friday prior)


All learners MUST hold the qualification(s) for which they wish to refresh. The qualification(s) MUST be valid at the time of completing the refresher test. If completing the test(s) online, learners MUST have access to the following; • An isolated space (free from distractions and interruptions) • Laptop/desktop computer (with webcam) • Internet access • Google Chrome browser • Valid Photo ID

Course aims

To allow delegates with the opportunity to demonstrate the necessary underpinning technical knowledge to refresh their qualification(s)

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the session(s) delegates will refresh their qualification(s) for the prescribed period

Certification: Successful completion of the session(s) will refresh the qualification(s) for a further 5 years. Smart Cards will be updated accordingly

NB: There is a separate refresher test for each module. There are 30 mins allocated for each test. If the qualification has expired, but is within the post expiry 6-month grace period, Learners will need to complete the relevant full 12d Course and test.

*Price shown is event cost only. Successful completion of event will be subject to an additional registration cost as detailed below: All prices shown on events dated from 1st July 2023 are the total course price including registration and VAT.

Registration/eCard Update – £50.00pp + VAT

Results for Online Courses
Please be advised that due to the Awarding Organisation’s quality assurance process, whereby they review all footage of the Online exams to ensure appropriate conduct and compliance, there is a delay of up to 5 working days for confirming results. Sign off sheets WILL NOT be issued until these results have been approved and confirmed by the Awarding Organisation.