One day

Group Size

Maximum of 12 learners

Who should attend

Aimed at organisers or individuals that have responsibility for the traffic management of organised community events, working in conjunction with local highway authority staff involved in the organisation or approval of these events and/or event stewards, where duties may include guiding vehicles, maintaining emergency routes, erecting signs and notices, dealing with pedestrian control etc.

Course aims

  • Familiarise learners with all Traffic Management requirements related to community events such as carnivals and sporting events, and to give attendees and understanding of how to create a traffic management plan
  • Give learners and awareness of issues affecting traffic, pedestrians and event staff safety
  • Event promoters should be aware that their event may require licensing or consent from Planning or Environmental health

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course learners will:

  • Be aware of current legislation and its requirements.
  • Understand the application process and costs involved
  • Be able to devise a traffic management plan
  • Be able to identify typical hazards and appropriate control measures related to the activity
  • Have an understanding of basic traffic management requirements affecting highway users and event staff
  • Demonstrate by examination sufficient knowledge to be accredited as a steward

Certification: There will be activities throughout the course that you will be required to participate in. On completion, all learners will undertake two multiple-choice question papers, which carries a 70% pass mark. Lantra Awards will issue a skills registration card for those successful.