One day for each category of winter service vehicle they are to operate

Group Size

Maximum of 2 learners

Who should attend

All persons who will be required by their employer to work on carriageways in the position of a Winter Service Operative.


All learners who have successfully completed a one day training course for unit -80: Health and Safety.

Course aims

This award is aimed at Winter Service Operators and staff responsible for the direct supervision and operating of: • Highways Agency vehicles and snow blowers • National Assembly for Wales winter service vehicles and snow blowers • Local Authority vehicles and snow blowers • Supervisors responsible for the front-line operations.

Course Objectives:

The qualification is divided into various categories of winter service vehicles. To qualify for the award, an operative must pass Unit 680: Health and Safety and at least one other unit. To qualify for the award, a supervisor must pass Unit 621: Winter Service Supervision and Monitoring.

Operative Units

  • 611 – Prepare and operate winter service vehicles up to 3500kg (including tractors)
  • 612 – Prepare and operate winter service vehicles 3500kg to 7500kg
  • 613 – Prepare and operate winter service vehicles over 7500kg Large LGV
  • 614 – Prepare and operate Highways Agency Equipment (Foden 4000 series)
  • 615 – Prepare and operate Highways Agency dedicated winter service vehicles
  • 640 – Prepare and operate National Assembly for Wales dedicated winter service vehicles
  • 650 – Operate snow blower (Rolba 400 or 1000) – Highways Agency / National Assembly for Wales
  • 660 – Operate snow blowers – dedicated
  • 670 – Operate snow blowers – demountable

Endorsements for Units 511, 512 & 513 only

  • 111 – Spreader fixed
  • 212 – Spreader towed
  • 313 – Plough angle blade / Vee Blade

Supervisor Unit

  • 621 – Winter Service Supervision and Monitoring

Certification: On successful completion of the required assessment and when a certificate has been received, learners will be eligible to obtain a NEREO operative or supervisor’s registration card, endorsed with the category that the candidate has been successfully assessed for. All WSO certificates issued and Registration cards will only be valid for 5 years from the date of successful completion of a full qualification.

NB: Learners who are qualified in a higher category vehicle are not automatically qualified to drive lower category vehicles. Learners should be assessed for each category of winter service vehicle they are expected to operate.

COVID-19 UPDATE – 28/04/2020

To ensure fairness and parity with other card schemes such as SWQR for Street Works and CSCS, City and Guilds would ask that agencies accept expired cards from the 17 March until we are able to reassess candidates.

In line with other card schemes, City and Guilds has agreed an exemption period over the next 6 months to card holders where their card has expired between Tuesday 17 March 2020 and Thursday 17 September 2020.

They will have until the 17 September 2020 to claim a new card if theirs expired between 17 March 2020 and 17 September 2020.