Two day

Group Size

Maximum 8 learners

Who should attend

All those involved in supervising and monitoring winter service operations. It may be suitable for duty officers and managers where appropriate.

Course aims

This award is aimed at Winter Service Supervisors responsible for the direct supervision of: • Highways Agency vehicles and snow blowers • National Assembly for Wales winter service vehicles and snow blowers • Local Authority vehicles and snow blowers • Supervisors responsible for the front line operations.

This unit is a stand alone unit that is available to those involved in the supervision and montioring of winter service operations.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the training and assessment the learners will have an understanding of:

  • Current Health & Safety Legislation relating to winter servoce operations
  • Winter service vehicles and equipment
  • Vehicle & equipment Operators checks and defect reporting
  • Rate of spread for de-icing materials
  • Use of de-icing materials
  • Emergency procedures
  • Drivers Hours and Working Time Regulations
  • Environmental considerations
  • Terminology
  • Winter Service Policy
  • Winter Service operational planning, monitoring and review
  • Methos of decision making
  • Qualifications available for Winter Service Operations
  • Use of data logging

Course Content: The qualification is divided into various categories of winter service vehicles. In order to qualify for the award, a supervisor must pass Unit 621: Winter Service Supervision and Monitoring.

Certification: On successful completion of the required Certificate Pathway Routes (CPR’s) and when a certificate has been received, learners will be eligible to obtain a NEREO operative or supervisor’s registration card, endorsed with the category that the candidate has been successfully assessed for. All 6159 certificates issued and Registration cards will only be valid for 5 years from the date of successful completion of a full qualification.


NB: Learners who are qualified in a higher category vehicle are not automatically qualified to drive lower category vehicles. Learners should be assessed for each category of winter service vehicle they are expected to operate