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An Update from Up To Speed Training

Up To Speed Training

During these unprecedented times Up To Speed Training is committed to provide support to the Key Workers who continue to maintain our highways across the UK by ensuring that essential training can still be delivered and at the same time complying with the Government guidance and the Public Health England advice.

Below is information on a couple of solutions that are now available. Our team are available, working from home, either by phone on 0121 326 8696 or email info@utstraining.co.uk to answer any questions you may have with regards to completing training and assessments.

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Online Training (NHSS 12)

Introducing Online training courses for a selection of National Highway Sector Scheme 12 courses. The following courses are now available to be completed ‘online’:NHSS 12 TTMBC (Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course)National Highways Sector Scheme 12AB Static Works on Motorways & High Speed Dual CarriagewaysNHSS 12AB High Speed Traffic Management General OperativeNHSS 12AB Impact Protection Vehicle (IPV) Driver (Refresher)National Highways Sector Scheme 12D Rural & Urban RoadNHSS 12D T1 Moving Works on Single CarriagewaysNHSS 12D T1/T2  Moving Works on Single Carriageways / Static Works on Single CarriagewaysNHSS 12D T3 Lane Closures on Dual carriageways 40 mph and belowNHSS 12D T4 Convoy WorkingNHSS 12D T5 Multi-Phase Traffic SignalsNHSS 12D M1-M4 Test (Refresher)These courses are completed by a registered, qualified Lantra approved trainer via video conferencing technology. To help all clients and learners understand the requirements that must in place in advance of completing the course we have produced a simple to follow video guide, please click on the Completing Online Training course button below.
Completing Online Training

E-Learning Solutions

E-Learning Solutions Now Available
We have created an e-learning suite that offers a diverse range of training courses across a broad spectrum of related subject areas including health & safety, social care and core business skills. All courses are approved by an independent accredited organisation, either IIRSM, ROSPA or CPD to ensure quality and compliance.

Courses are accessible via our website at www.utstraining.co.uk by selecting the E-Learning option.

We have put together a selection of highways related tracks (very loosely in some cases) for all the Key Workers who are still working daily to ensure the highways remain in tip top condition to ensure the essential movement of goods and services around the country during this lockdown period. #stay safe #highways, click on the Spotify logo to start listening.!