One day

Group Size

Maximum of 12 learners

Who should attend

All persons needing to become a Registered Traffic Management Operative (RTMO) as described in sector scheme document 12d.


All learners MUST either hold a valid NHSS 12 TTMBC qualification or a valid NHSS12 qualification.

Course aims

To provide learners with the necessary underpinning technical knowledge and skill to install, maintain, alter and dismantle temporary traffic management traffic control systems on single carriageway roads.

Course Objectives:

On completion of the session learners will:

  • Be aware of sector schemes.
  • Be aware of health & safety at work.
  • Be aware of risk assessments & method statements.
  • Be aware of relevant codes of practice and other associated documentation when involved in traffic management.
  • Identify the equipment required in temporary traffic management.
  • Understand the requirements for minor works and moving works.
  • Understand the different methods of positive traffic control.
  • Understand how to deal with pedestrians.
  • Demonstrate an ability to implement, maintain and remove safely and correctly positive traffic control systems.

Certification: On completion all learners will undertake 2 multiple-choice question papers which carry a 75% pass mark. Lantra Awards (the national awarding body) will make certification for successful learners. This is an initial off the job training course, full completion of the award is achieved over a further period of approximately 3-6 months, by under taking on-site assessments with a suitably qualified Assessor in accordance with the awarding body’s scheme rules.

NB: (Including all forms of traffic control except multi phase traffic lights)

*The price shown includes the awarding organisation registration costs.

All online bookings MUST be paid in full at the time of booking. We DO NOT offer credit except to business account holders. 

Online Courses

All online tests MUST be completed on either a Laptop or PC/Mac with a webcam, mobile phones and tablets are NOT permitted. In order to ensure you are able to complete the online training and exam(s) your web browser must comply with one of the following versions as a minimum. Failure to ensure the correct version may result in being unable to take the exam:

Windows: Chrome, Firefox and Edge – version 80 and above
Mac OS: Chrome – Version 80 and above, Safari – version 14 and above
SEB (Mac and Windows) – version 3.0.1 and above

You must also ensure the following conditions are available:

  • A strong, stable internet connection. Some of your software applications/other users may have to be turned off to maintain the strength of the connection
  • Photo ID such as Driving licence/Passport ready to take the exam
  • In a room on your own
  • Be in a quiet space without interruptions during the exam

Please be advised that due to the Awarding Organisation’s quality assurance process, whereby they review all footage of the Online exams to ensure appropriate conduct and compliance, there is a delay of up to 5 working days for confirming results. Sign off sheets WILL NOT be issued until these results have been approved and confirmed by the Awarding Organisation.


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