One day (minimum of 7 hours, any 2 of the 3.5 hours combination courses can be delivered together to attain the minimum 7 hours required on full course bookings only)

Group Size

Maximum 10 learners

Who should attend

All professional drivers of lorries greater than 3.5 tonnes, buses, coaches and minibuses with more than 8 passenger seats unless they qualify for an exemption.

Course aims

To improve the knowledge of large vehicle drivers by focussing on:

  • Road Safety (and thus all road users)
  • The Road freight and passenger transport industries (better staff performance, better recruitment and retention, more economical vehicle usage.
  • The environment (reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear)
  • Recognising and accrediting the knowledge and skills required for the professional bus, coach and lorry drivers.
  • Ensuring drivers continually update their skills and knowledge and ultimately raising the status of bus, coach and lorry drivers to promote as a career.

Modules available:

Certification: Once the theory and practical tests of competence have been passed and / or the relevant ‘periodic training’ is taken, a Driver Qualification card is issued. These cards are issued for a 5 year period. A certificate per module is issued after successful completion.