One day (minimum of 7 hours)

Group Size

Maximum 10 learners

Who should attend

All professional drivers of lorries greater than 3.5 tonnes, buses, coaches and minibuses with more than 8 passenger seats unless they qualify for an exemption.

Course aims

To improve the knowledge of lorry and bus drivers by:

  • Road Safety (and thus all road users)
  • The Road freight and passenger transport industries (better staff performance, better recruitment and retention, more economical vehicle usage.
  • The environment (reduced fuel consumption and vehicle wear)
  • Recognising and accrediting the knowledge and skills required for the professional bus, coach and lorry drivers.
  • Ensuring drivers continually update their skills and knowledge and ultimately raising the status of bus, coach and lorry drivers to promote as a career.

Course Objectives:

On completion of the modules learners will:

  • Emergency First Aid Work (EFAW) (Module 1)
  • Winter Service Operations (WSO) (Module 2)
  • Vehicle Reversing (Banksman) + Manual Handling (Module 3)
  • Driver Essentials (Module 4)

Certification:¬†Once the theory and practical tests of competence have been passed and / or the relevant ‘periodic training’ is taken, a Driver Qualification card is issued. These cards are issued for a 5 year period. A certificate per module is issued after successful completion.